Sword Art Online Movie Update: Ordinal Scale Similar to Pokemon Go?

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Sword Art Online
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Fans of Sword Art Online (SAO) are definitely excited for the franchise?s next installment, which is reported to be an animated film called Ordinal Scale. Key visuals for the film were released and screened during the Sakura-Con last March 27, 2016.

Recent news has also disclosed that the film will premier in the Spring (around April- May) of 2017 in 150 theaters around Japan. Fans will not have to wait long to grab a ticket, though, as pre-selling will already start on July 16, 2016.

Sword Art Online the Movie: Ordinal Scale will also screen in theaters internationally but there is still no official announcement on the release schedule. To start the hype, Aniplex US released an English subbed trailer during their Sword Art Online Festival at the 2016 Anime Expo. See a copy of the trailer here:


What we know about the movie so far:

Ordinal Scale is an original story written by SAO creator Reki Kawahara. Set in 2026, Augma, a new game device that utilizes augmented reality to get players in the game, was created to be safer and more user-friendly than the NerveGear and Amusphere. What made Augma an instant hit was its ability to let users play while maintaining consciousness. The most popular game in the system, Ordinal Scale (aka OS) is being played by Asuna and the gang. It was all fun and games until Kirito decides to join? and ruins everything.

Reading about this Ordinal Scale, we at The BitBag can?t help but notice the resemblance of OS to a newly released in-app game, Pokemon Go. With the striking similarities between Augma and Pokemon Go, players and SAO fans will surely be able to relate to the upcoming movie.

Sword Art Online started as a light novel in 2009 and with its gaining commercial success, has grown to a franchise of manga series, Playstation games, animated series, films and merchandise. SAO has received positive reviews for its art and exploration of the psychological aspects of virtual reality.

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