Sword Art Online Live Action TV Series and Anime Season 3 Updates: Things Get One Step Closer to Reality

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Sword Art Online Live Action TV Series
Sword Art Online Live Action TV Series

Good news to all Sword Art Online fans. Reki Kawahara’s novel turned anime series is one step closer to getting its Sword Art Online live action TV series adaptation. Reports say the show now has a screenwriter and producer.

According to Inquisitor, Skydance Media TV and movie production outfit has approached Laeta Kalogridis to run the massive hit anime franchise. The writer/producer has just signed a contract with the production firm. Thus, the animated series will be one of her upcoming projects.

David Ellison, who happens to be the founder of Skydance, was thrilled to have the super talented writer aboard. Furthermore, he said that he feels honored that Kalogridis picked his company to be her ‘creative home’. Aside from the Sword Art Online live action tv series, the writer is also scheduled to handle another project called Altered Carbon. This is a sci-fi novel by author Richard Morgan that was published 15 years ago.

Sword Art Online Next Season

On the other hand, fans can’t wait until the anime series will come up with the long awaited next season. Reports are going around that the details of the much-awaited installment could be revealed by the anime series’ musical director Yuki Kajiura. He is scheduled to host a concert to feature the music of Sword Art Online in Hollywood’s Dolby Theater come January 14, 2017 per FX News Call. Just the same, viewers must take this with a grain of salt since its studio A-1 Pictures have not made any official announcement yet about its release date.

While waiting though, fans can already look forward to the animated feature entitled Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. Kawahara said that this future film will have viewers awestruck as the creator claims the movie is full of surprises for its loyal fans. The movie will be released on February 18 and March 1 in Japan and the US respectively. Take a peek and watch trailer here.

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