SwiftKey Goes Free. Popular Android Keyboard Is Now On Freemium. SwiftKey Soon To Be On iOS and iPhone

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SwiftKey Goes Free. Popular Android Keyboard Is Now On Freemium. SwiftKey Soon To Be On iOS and iPhone

One of the most popular paid apps for Android smartphones, SwiftKey, is now ?Free?. Yes, this seems to be an early Christmas gift from the makers of the app, but it is more of a smart marketing move for SwiftKey. The keyboard app is going the freemium way, where users can download and use the app for free, but will probably spend on the wonderful ?themes? that SwiftKey has to offer.

For ?old? SwiftKey users, paying US$ 3.99 for the SwiftKey app, was a necessary thing, as the predictive keyboard made the Android experience much more enjoyable and productive. Now, SwiftKey is offering the same experience to all Android users who are still hesitant to pay for the app, by making it free. SwiftKey hopes, that all these Android users will not only enjoy the predictive keyboard, but would also avail of the extras and add-ons that they have to offer.

News Flash : SwiftKey will soon be available for iOS…..SwiftKey Note claims fast and accurate typing for iOS devices.

For those who paid for the app, don’t fret and hold a grudge against SwiftKey. The app makers are saying ?thank you? to all those who spent for the keyboard app, by giving them a free theme package that is worth US$ 5 dollars, more than what they paid, for the app itself.

For those who still have not heard about or tried SwiftKey, here is a brief rundown on the app, including the latest freemium update:

  • A powerful keyboard app that ?learns?. It notes the typing style of the user, as well as the ?language or dialect? to offer suggestions while typing on the Android device.
  • Widely used and accepted by Android users since 2010.
  • The app comes with 14 free themes.
  • Latest free app update includes 30 themes that can personalize your keyboard with various colors and designs.
  • Paid themes – US$ 0.99 cents each. A pack of 5 themes ? US$ 2.99 dollars.
  • Latest update includes an optional number row located at the top of the keyboard. The row can be added or removed easily.
  • Latest update includes (For Android 4.1) Emoji Predictions.
  • Latest update includes support for Welsh, Uzbek, Mongolian, Belarusian, and Tatar.
  • Improvements in gesture trail function for the Flow feature (swipe-based).

The freemium move by SwiftKey, is seen by analysts, as a smart move that would, in the long run, generate more income for the developers. Providing a ?low barrier to entry? for the growing population of Android users, would mean more people using SwiftKey. More users mean more opportunities in getting revenue from more channels other than the usual app sale.

The SwiftKey app can be downloaded at the Google Play Store.

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