?Amaama to Inazuma? Review: Food Anime Series That Warms Your Heart

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Sweetness and Lightning
Tsumugi – Sweetness and Lightning

The ?Amaama to Inazuma? (Sweetness and Lightning) anime series is a heart-warming, gastronomic story about teacher, Kohei Inazuka and his struggles of being a single parent. After his wife?s death, Kohei is able to manage everything, except cooking proper meals for his daughter, Tsumugi.

In the first episode entitled?Uniforms and Pot Rice,? it shows that Kohei regularly feeds Tsumugi instant or pre-made meals, but one day, at a flower festival, they meet one of his students, Kotori, who they see alone, in tears, while eating her food. Thinking something is wrong, Kohei and Tsumugi approach her only to find out that she is just overwhelmingly happy with her mother?s cooking. After talking, Kotori hands them a business card of their family?s restaurant.

Later that night, Tsumugi starts craving for her mom?s cooking, making Kohei decide to bring Tsumugi to the restaurant to eat a proper meal. When they get there, they see the restaurant is closed, but Kotori, who is there, insists to cook pot rice for them. The animation was done so well that the smell of the pot rice seemed to emanate from the screens of fans.

The episode ends with Kohei deciding to try and cook proper meals for Tsumugi. Tsumugi?s happy face while eating the rice was irresistibly cute that Kohei took it to heart. Kotori asks them if they can come and cook with her again.

In the next episode entitled ?Pork Soup and Restaurant Lights,? the anime picks up from where Kotori proposes that they cook together with her again. Reluctant Kohei decides that it would be best to meet with Kotori?s mother, Megumi, first. Megumi ends up being absent again, yet, Kotori convinces them to stay and cook Pork Soup and Hamburger with her. In this episode, we learn about Kotori?s fear of knives so Kohei takes charge of chopping, Kotori for tasting, and Tsumugi for the menu art.

The Pork Soup took too long to prepare that Kohei decided to save the hamburger for next time. After enjoying the soup so much, it made him decide to continue cooking with Kotori.

Why is Kotori always alone? Does Kotori like having Kohei and Tsumugi around because she misses her family or is it because of something else? See events unfold and another sumptuous cooking from Amaama to Inazuma / Sweetness and Lightning Anime. Here?s the recipe for the Promised Hamburger Steak that should be the menu for the next episode.

Sweetness and Lightning

Sweetness and Lightning

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