Sweetness and Lightning Episode 5: Tsumugi-chan Kidnapped? Making Happy Doughnuts!

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Sweetness and Lightning

Our little Sweetness and Lightning princess, Tsumugi-chan, is seen with a suspicious looking man in episode 5. Kotori wanted to call Sensei Kohei but her phone ran out of battery. She decides to tail them just in case.

The man named Yagi.

This suspicious guy, who we later find out that his name is Yusuke Yagi, brings Tsumugi to the park. He hands Tsumugi an ice pop and afterwards a bag of potato chips. Kotori starts to worry that Tsumugi is eating too much junk food and that Yagi was bad, smoking in front of a kid. Yagi then hands Tsumugi cigarettes, which urges Kotori to scream stop. Kohei arrives and sorts out the confusion.

Kohei explains that Yagi is an old classmate and that he asked him to pick up Tsumugi. Yagi was not really offering cigarettes to Tsumugi – turns out they were just chocolate sticks.

Later in the episode, Kohei tells Kotori that he thinks it?s good for Tsumugi to spend time with Yagi and to allow her to let loose once in awhile. ?

Sweetness and Lightning

Kotori gets flustered.

When Kohei said that he?s too normal compared to Yagi, Kotori gets flustered. Kotori tells Kohei that there?s nothing wrong with being plain or normal and like a sweet (candy or dessert) that is not too sweet, this type is good too, she adds. Kohei blushes and thanks her for saying that. Could Kotori be saying that she likes guys like Kohei instead of the wild-type like Yagi?

Happy Doughnuts.

The first batch of doughnuts they fry gets burnt. Learning that the oil temperature should be at 170, they fry once more. This time, the doughnuts were perfect and they drizzled honey sugar glaze and double boiled chocolate. The three stared proud and amazed at the yummy doughnuts they made. ?Crispy and fluffy!?, Tsumugi-chan says after her first bite.

The episode ends with Tsumugi telling Kotori and Kohei how at first she thought that doughnuts were difficult, not knowing if they were a snack or a meal. She decides that from now on, ?doughnuts are a happy thing that I eat on my days off with daddy.?

For more daddy-daughter feels, watch Sweetness and Lightning here.

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