Sweetness and Lightning Anime Episode 3

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Sweetness and Lightning
Sweetness and Lightning Episode 3

Sweetness and Lightning Anime Episode 3 gave so much Daddy-Daughter feels that our hearts (and appetite) were so full of happy butterflies.

The episode starts off with Kotori waking up alone in her house with a mouth-watering scent of a big healthy breakfast prepared by her mother. It was a delicious teishoku set with fish as the main dish, miso and tamago for side dish, and a bowl of rice. Kotori almost chokes as soon as she sees her mother, embarrassingly, in a sailor outfit calling out to her on live television.

In Kohei?s house, that same morning, he attempts to cook breakfast for Tsumugi but ends up serving it burnt. Regardless, Tsumugi happily eats it and says the miso, even though the tofu was not cut up well, tasted good. A parenting milestone happens for Kohei as little Tsumugi makes an effort to clear up the table and brings the dishes carefully to the sink.

As Kohei chats with Kotori in school about his morning cooking, fans can?t help but notice that these two seem to have found a regular spot where they can talk in secret. Kotori understands that Kohei is afraid of undercooking meals for Tsumugi, thus the reason for burning today?s breakfast.

That same day, Tsumugi gets in trouble with a boy in school (this scene was so adorable!). It seems that Tsumugi was accused of stealing clay by a boy in her class. This affects her because she didn?t steal it, but instead, it was given to her by the other kids. Kohei brings the crying Tsumugi home and comforts her and tells her to return the clay because Daddy doesn?t want other people calling you a thief even if it was a misunderstanding.?

Sweetness and Lightning

Sweetness and Lightning Manga volume 5

To cheer up Tsumugi, Kotori and Kohei decide to cook the Promised Hamburger Steak, as predicted in our previous post. They modify the recipe by stewing the hamburger steak in a tomato based sauce and serving it with a sunny side egg on top. Tsumugi then reveals that the reason for her gloominess is that she didn?t return the clay and thinks that this makes her a bad girl. Kohei comforts her by saying Tsumugi is a good girl and that Daddy loves her. Tsumugi cries as she takes her first bite, soon they find out that the clay was a hamburger steak present for her Daddy?s birthday. The episode ends with a comic moment for Kotori, where because she didn?t know it was Kohei?s birthday, she offers the best bite from her plate as a gift – to which Kohei playfully refuses.

On the next episode of Sweetness and Lightning, we expect to learn more about Kotori and her mother. Golden week is coming up so a picnic with the gang should be the way to celebrate it. Catch Sweetness and Lightning Anime Episode 4 on Crunchyroll.

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