Swat Kats Makes A Comeback With Swat Kats Revolution

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There was this cool cartoons series during the 90?s where two anthropomorphic cats pilot a radical F-14 Tomcat fighter plane to save their city from the perils of evil, and that series was called Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron, where every 90?s kid was in for a radical ride. The series lasted for two seasons with twenty-four episodes. After 22 years, creators Christian and Yvon Tremblay have decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign in their attempt to bring back the iconic cartoon series.

Dubbed as Swat Kats: Revolution, the Tremblay brothers plans to launch a new series after the requests from their fans. With a USD 50,000 campaign goal, it was successfully funded at around USD 80,000 at the time of this writing with still less than a month left.

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The first accomplished stretch goal will feature a new TV series bible, 3 scripts for the new series, character designs and concept art. The other stretch goals include a 2-minute teaser to give an idea on what to expect from the new series as well as 5 mini-series episodes with a span of 22 minutes each if the goal reaches the USD 1 million mark, and their biggest stretch goal is at USD 1.5 million where they will produce a Swat Kats Revolution 70-minutes direct-to-streaming movie.

But the fans will still get something more from their support, the list of rewards goes from an hour long session with the creators, digital wallpapers from TV production art, and some physical swags ranging from signed original TV production art, T-shirts, hoodies, TV animation cells and art book for the series.

With their goal already reached, the Tremblay brothers shared a character concept design as a sign of thank you. We will be able to expect more updates about Swat Kats: Revolution as the deadline of the campaign draws near, you can also check out their Kickstarter page for more details about their project, for now here?s a video of the intro scene of Swat Kats to keep everyone?s nostalgia kicking.

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