Suzy Bae Lee Min Ho Break Up: Third Party Rumors And Other Messy Details Behind Their Controversial Split

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There have been so many reports on Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho?s break up. With third party claims and other messy details circulating the net, K-drama fans wonder when the two Korean superstars would finally speak up about their controversial split.

The ?Uncontrollably Fond? actress and ?Boys Over Flowers? heartthrob have been hounded by controversies ever since they came out as a couple in early 2015. However, the rumor mill went abuzz around a month ago after Suzy Bae was allegedly caught seeing someone else.

The man in the leaked photos was later on identified as Sung Joon. The Korean actor reportedly dated Suzy in 2013 after filming a historical drama called ?Gu Family Book.?

However, a Twitter check clarified that the photos were taken and posted almost three years ago. This means that Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho?s break up could not have been caused by Sung Joon, who dated the actress even before she committed to her recent relationship.

This clarification then pointed fingers to Lee Min Ho. Just last week, K-drama fans were shocked when reports linked the TV hunk to another actress, Song Hye Kyo.

Rumors between the alleged couple began when an interview of Lee Min Ho resurfaced. In the clip, he gushed about how the ?Descendants of the Sun? star is ?his type? and that he would probably get nervous if he would be given a chance to work with her.


Is Song Hye Kyo the third party in Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho’s break up?

There were fans who seemed interested in the so-called ?MinKyo? tandem. However, there were speculations that the big screen adaptation of ?Descendants of the Sun? might get cancelled because of how Song Hye Kyo was dragged into the real-life love triangle.

Suzy Bae also seemingly hinted at her split with Lee Min Ho in her interview for Harper?s Bazaar Korea. In the July 2016 feature story, the doe-eyed beauty compared herself to her character in ?Uncontrollably Fond,? No Eul.

She cryptically said that her character ?lived for others? and had to ?make sacrifices,? but later ended up ?changing after a reality check.? These statements led to more speculations that the actress really might have ended her relationship with Lee Min Ho.

The Suzy Bae – Lee Min Ho break up has not yet been directly confirmed by the two.

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