Suzy Bae, Lee Min Ho Break-Up: Photos Of Her With Sung Joon Isn’t Cheating

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During the past weeks, the Suzy Bae, Lee Min Ho break-up rumors have been circulating anew as recent reports suggest that Bae is having an affair with her ex-boyfriend Sung Joon. A claim that was reinforced by photos of the two out together. However, in a more recent post, it seems like the issues are not true as it appeared that the pictures fueling the cheating rumors have been taken before Bae and Min Ho got together.

Bae had dated Joon before she got committed to Min Ho. But, recent posts are claiming that Bae is still seeing her ex-boyfriend without Min Ho?s knowledge. It was also mentioned that she even tried to amend things with Joon which drove Min Ho to call off their relationship.

These are the photos circulating on the web that is said to have happened recently without Min Ho?s knowledge. But when checked on Twitter, it appears that these pictures were posted almost three years ago. According to Movie News Guide, if this is the case, then Bae is not cheating on Min Ho.

Aside from the Bae-Joon issue, there are also reports claiming that Bae is having an intimate relationship with her Dream High co-star Soo Hyun. The claim was basically rooted on their great chemistry on-cam that led the viewers to think they might have something more off the cam. However, there is not enough evidence to strengthen this claim so it will remain as an issue for now.

Min Ho and Bae have not yet confirmed if reports about their break up are true. But it is certain that their fans are hoping for the best, that the couple will remain together and survive the controversies.

Meanwhile, the Boys Over Flowers actor recently had the chance to take a break from these rumors as he received a new milestone in his acting career. The actor was awarded last June 13 as the Most Influential Actor in the 2016 Weibo Movie Night. Some 100 million fans participated in the online voting at the Weibo and Min Ho came out as the winner. Aside from being the Most Influential Actor, he was also the recipient of the very first Asian Cinema Pioneer Award.

With the photos of Bae and Joon being revealed as having been taken back in 2013, what do you think would be the reaction of Min Ho? Do you think the couple?s relationship will finally get a rest from this kind of rumors? Or, will the Suzy Bae, Lee Min Ho break-up rumors persist. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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