Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho Break Up: A New Name Surfaces As Third Party

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Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho?s break up has dragged several celebrities into the controversy. Now, a new name has surfaced as the possible third party that caused the high-profile split.

Suzy Bae has been busy with her latest KBS 2TV show, ?Uncontrollably Fond.? Dubbed as the network?s next ?Descendants of The Sun,? the new romantic drama pairs the 21-year-old actress with Korean heartthrob Kim Woo Bin.

Their on-screen chemistry is evident as they play the roles of a quirky female documentary producer named No Eul and an arrogant actor-singer named Shin Joon Young.

However, there are speculations that Suzy?s closeness with Kim Woo Bin might have affected her relationship with Lee Min Ho. It also did not help that the two have reportedly been extremely busy with their respective careers, which the report claimed has ?led to fights? between the couple.


While Kim Woo Bin?s possible involvement in Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho?s breakup is just a speculation, there have been rumors of other possible third parties.


Suzy Bae and Kim Woo Bin’s chemistry in “Uncontrollably Fond” is undeniable

Just last month, fans of the couple got disappointed after leaked photos showed Suzy on a date with someone else. The man was later on identified as Korean actor Sung Joon, who reportedly dated Suzy in 2013 after filming a historical drama called ?Gu Family Book.? However, it was revealed that the two?s alleged date photos were actually taken and shared almost three years ago, even before Lee Min Ho came into the picture.

Lee Min Ho was also accused of cheating on his girlfriend. This is because of statements made by the ?Boys Over Flowers? star about another actress, Song Hye Kyo. While at a live event, Lee Min Ho admitted that the ?Descendants of the Sun? sweetheart is his ?type.? He also jokingly admitted that he would probably get too nervous to work with the 34-year-old superstar.


Sung Joon and Song Hye Kyo have been accused of causing Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho’s break up

Aside from the rumored third parties, speculations rose after Suzy Bae made cryptic statements on the July 2016 issue of Harper?s Bazaar Korea. In the feature story, the doe-eyed beauty compared herself to her character in ?Uncontrollably Fond,? No Eul. She shared that her character ?lived for others? and had to ?make sacrifices,? but later ended up ?changing after a reality check.?

These statements led to more speculations regarding Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho?s break-up. However, the two have yet to confirm if all these rumors are true.


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