Suzy Bae Grazia Interview: Do Image Issues Bother The Uncontrollably Fond Star?

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The Suzy Bae Grazia interview for the August 2016 issue had the Uncontrollably Fond star talking about her image issues.

Photos for the cover feature showed the Korean singer-actress in a luxurious lounge. The doe-eyed beauty also shared the images to her over four million Instagram followers, who gushed about how pretty she is.

In Suzy Bae?s interview, she was asked about how she feels regarding being given the title of the ?Nation?s First Love? because of her looks and sweet image. However, it seems like she does not put much weight into it.

“It doesn’t matter if I break it or if I don’t break it,? Suzy Bae admitted in the feature, which was shared by AllKpop. ?It will fade sooner or later, so I just hope I’m not too locked in it.”

The question regarding keeping up an image came amid recent criticisms targeted at Suzy Bae.


Suzy Bae

This included negative feedback for her alleged poor acting in Uncontrollably Fond. Critics have called out the TV star for her ?hopeless? acting capabilities, advising that it would be best for her to ?just stick to pictorials.?

However, the KBS drama was still able to garner high ratings since it premiered earlier this July. It stars Suzy Bae as an independent and quirky documentary producer named No Eul, who is tasked to do a documentary on an arrogant Korean celebrity played by heartthrob Kim Woo Bin.

The two?s closeness in Uncontrollably Fond has led to speculations tagging Kim Woo Bin as a possible third party in her recent rumored breakup with K-drama superstar Lee Min Ho. Suzy Bae?s Grazia interview even had a portion wherein she opened up about how her current leading man ?takes care of her a lot.?


Suzy Bae says leading man Kim Woo Bin “takes care of her a lot.”

Prior to recent rumors linking her to Kim Woo Bin, Suzy Bae?s image also took a hit due to cheating allegations linking her to actor Sung Joon. It started when leaked photos of their alleged secret date began circulating on the internet. However, it was clarified that the photos were from three years ago, before she and Lee Min Ho became a couple.

Before the Suzy Bae Grazia issue came out, the 21-year-old made news for another recent magazine feature. Just last month, she fueled rumors about her breakup with Lee Min Ho due to her cryptic statements on the July 2016 issue of Harper?s Bazaar Korea.

Do you still believe in Suzy Bae?s ?Nation?s First Love? image? Or have numerous controversies affected her reputation? Let us know in the comments below!

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