Suzi Taylor Of The Block Admits To Needing Help, Apologizes For Bad Behavior

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Suzi Taylor of The Block was photographed dancing topless while untying her?hot pink string bikini,?aboard a boat in Melbourne?during the Spring Racing Carnival earlier this month according to domain.com.au

She has disclosed that she is seeking help for personal issues according to au.news.yahoo.com

The Block’s?winner, Dean Paine told Daily Mail Australia, ‘She is her own person and she is an adult and she is responsible for her own actions and what she wants to do.’

According to 9news.com.au, The Block contestant Suzi Taylor, 44, has opened up about her dramatic past month on the show. She apologized and thanked her fellow contestants and host Scott Camfor their support during the Grand Finale of the hit reality series.

“If I’ve caused anyone any embarrassment, I totally regret it,” Taylor said.

“I’ve had a lot of personal issues in my life which I suppose a lot of people do, I’m getting a lot better and I’ve had amazing support and I would just want to say to everyone, I feel for you all.

Taylor encouraged anyone going through depression or serious problems in life to seek help.

“I think the biggest thing with a problem in your life is you have to acknowledge it and own it and so that’s what I’ve done,” Taylor said.

“I’ve sought help and Channel Nine and everyone have been amazing they’re like my family here in Melbourne and I can’t thank them enough.”

The mother of three was found unconscious on set by a passer-by and had to be taken to hospital according to dailytelegraph.com

Channel Nine blamed exhaustion for Taylor?s collapse, but rumors of her non-stop partying persisted.

Confirmation comes that her short-lived but?serious relationship with The Block series producer Tim Wise?has ended. Her out-of-control ways seem to have also taken a toll on the ?single mother?s personal life.

?I did not expect to find love on the show. It was definitely a surprise,? she said in happier days.

Taylor split her time between her three children in Queensland and Wise?s Melbourne base when she was involved with him.

Taylor’s best friend Vonni Cosier and partner on The Block said it was very strong of her to face up and apologize. Both from Gold Coast, they were placed fifth in The Block Grand Finale, making $349,000 profit after selling their apartment for $1.829 million.

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