Survivor Finale December 2016 Winner: Adam Klein Donates For Cancer Research; Mom Passed Away Right After Show Filming

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Survivor Finale December 2016 Winner
Survivor Finale December 2016 Winner

The Survivor Finale December 2016 has been revealed. And, it’s no other than…Adam Klein. Klein won as he got a unanimous vote from the jury. And to honor Klein’s mom who battled the terminal stage of lung cancer during the show’s filming, he said he was going to donate $100,000 of his prize to research.

Before there was the final three, David Wright and Jay Starrett were voted out. This meant they also became jury for the show’s final tribal council. At the council, Shapiro asked the jury to keep an open mind. She said she was a complete mess when she started. But she was ready to explain the things she did. While McNickle said it’s not just about the game, it’s about the individuals playing as well. Then of course there was Klein who said he played the best game per heavy.com.

Tearjerking Moments

Then things got pretty emotional for McNickle when he was asked why he voted out Wright when they had shared a long-standing alliance. McNickle cried in response and said he had to do it for the sake of his daughter at home. The jury seemed satisfied with his honesty. Zeke then admitted he did not think McNickle was a great contribution to the game. Then he asked Shapiro and Klein about how they helped in the game’s evolution.

Then Jay Starrett asked Klein regarding their relationship on the show. Klein cried as he reminisced about the bond they had and his mom who was battling cancer back home during that time. Unfortunately, one hour after Klein arrived home, his mom passed away. It was mother and son’s dream to be on Survivor.

For their final words, Shapiro said she came to join the competition very scared. But now she’s stronger and will take whatever she’s learned into her day to day life. Then McNickle recalled how he was socially awkward growing up. Being on Survivor helped him to become better in communicating with others. Aside from that, his main reason for being on the show is his daughter. Klein’s reason for joining was his mom. He talked about her struggle with stage four cancer and now she’s been his inspiration and driving force.

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