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Surgeon Simulator: Perform Surgery With A Single Limp Hand? You Will Laugh Your Brains Out.

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Surgeon Simulator

Surgeon Simulator


Would anybody ever play a game with clumsy controls at day’s end without getting frustrated? Give anybody a video game with good graphics and obnoxiously frustrating controls and the controller would be put down right away. There are lots of games out there who suffered this and it would take an entire website to name each one of them. One of them is ?Surgeon Simulator? and you will have a change of heart for games with over-complicated controls.

Surgeon Simulator might be the game with the most awkwardly placed controls and it?s insanely hard, but why do people keep playing it? Take Flappy Bird with lots of gore and blood and that?s what you get from Surgeon Simulator. The only difference is that it is on the lighter side of entertainment and at the same time, it is on the darker side of being a game. This game is for ?Mature? audiences only due to the realistic gore it portrays, but the gameplay itself is hilarious on so many levels.

Before we go in deeper with the game, check out the this video first from PewDiePie about him playing Surgeon Simulator. No words needed to describe how much dumb fun you can get from it.

You take the role of a ?professional? surgeon who performs a variety of surgeries from heart transplants to double-kidney transplants. ?You do all this by using only ONE hand and the control cannot get any harder than it is. You get to perform surgery on poor Bob and his life depends on your hand. Not hands.

Dragging the mouse moves your hand and you control each finger by holding five keys on your keyboard. ?Holding the right mouse button while dragging left or right rotates the hand and dragging it up and down adjusts the angle of the wrist. Crazy isn?t it? It sounds confusing and it certainly is made to be. This is just a part of what makes this game hard.

You don?t get hints on what proper stuff to use and everything are just lying there in front of you. You have to figure it out yourself on how you will use them. Picking up objects is already a big challenge, let alone, performing a proper surgery. You will fail lots of times and you will actually enjoy it.

The iPad version is a bit pricey for $6 but for all the enjoyment you can get from it, you actually get your money?s worth and more.

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