The Surge PS4 Version Trumps Xbox One; Gameplay Length Revealed By Lords Of The Fallen Devs

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The Surge

Recently, Deck13 Interactive?s The Surge PS4 version has been confirmed to have better graphics than the Xbox One version. The game will also have a fairly long content that could last at least 15 to 25 hours. Here?s what we know so far about the upcoming game.

According to Wccftech, Deck 13 Interactive game programmer Torsten Fock-Herde revealed that the ?target resolutions? is 1080p on the PS4, while its Xbox One version will only have 900p. For players aiming to enjoy The Surge better, the PS4 is the better choice as it?ll have more defined characters compared to the Xbox One version. Fock-Herde confirmed that The Surge won?t be using Microsoft?s new API; hence, the game won?t actually use the console?s full hardware.

Additionally, Fock-Herde said that the game will be at least 15 to 25 hours long. As revealed on the IGN gameplay video, players will have to survive in a dystopian future setting with enemies ranging from people in high-tech exo suits and robots. The gameplay looks similar to FromSoftware?s Dark Souls series as players will have to manage resources to attack and dodge their way to beat foes.

Previously, The Surge?s developers worked on Lords of the Fallen which also played similarly to a Souls game. However, the game has glaring bugs and mixed reviews on Steam. To get a feel of Deck 13 Interactive?s take on the Souls games, it might be best to pick up this game to see the differences and improvements in The Surge.

The Surge?s gameplay may encourage players to think like post-apocalyptic scavengers since they will have to salvage tech and equipment off foes by cutting them off. The game?s battle system allows players to tactically aim for an enemy?s limbs to capitalize on its weak point; it also lets players choose which part they want to take for themselves. Additionally, the game also has an intricate attack system where players could interrupt an enemy?s offense if they choose the right attack against them. More than sticking around for the 15 to 25 hours long gameplay, players might stay if the game actually has a good avenue for PvP battles.
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