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The Surge: Install Size Is Surprisingly Small

the surge
The Surge has a small install size. [Image from Steam]

The Surge comes out next week and fans will be happy to know that it won’t take up much space. In surprising news, the game’s install size is only about 5 or 6 GB, which is a treat for fans. Most games have install sizes that range from 20 GB to 40 GB, so this is a pleasant surprise.

A fan was able to get the hardcore action RPG early and posted about the Dark Souls-esque experience on Reddit. For proof, the fan posted several screenshots, including the game’s information page on the PS4, which has the install size. While fans wait for more reviews to come out, those that plan on getting it now know it’s install size.

Does Size Matter?

Considering how most AAA games have bigger install sizes, the one for The Surge is really nice to see. Though it doesn’t ensure quality, there’s a good chance that players will be able to install it problem free. Usually, players prepare for a new game by deleting a bunch of data from their system, including other games.

Keep in mind that the day one patch hasn’t been released yet, so the size could get bigger next week. PlayStation Lifestyle has confirmed that the game’s first patch will have PS4 Pro support, so Sony fans better prepare. HDR support has also been confirmed in a future update, but no date has been given as of this writing.

Similar Patterns

It’s worth noting that the game’s developer, Deck13, has released titles with small install sizes in the past. Lords of the Fallen had a similar install size, with updates and DLC making it bigger as the year continued. While Lords of the Fallen didn’t get critical acclaim, it did please a number of fans looking for hack-and-slash action.

Gamers will find out soon if The Surge is a good game or not, with many hoping it’s the former. Though Dark Souls-esque gameplay is nothing new, having it in a futuristic setting might make the concept feel fresh. Most titles that copy from the software’s masterpiece tend to put it in a fantasy setting, so a sci-fi setting is fresh.

At the least, players won’t be fighting knights or demons in this game, helping it feel a wee bit different. The Surge will be coming to the PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC on May 16, which is next week. Lords of the Fallen is available now in the same gaming systems.

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