Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Will Put Next-gen iPad Pro to Shame

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Surface Pro 5

When Steve Balmer debuted the Surface RT four years ago, many people laughed at Microsoft?s attempt on hardware design. Even more so as it tries to rival Apple in the iPad dominated tablet market. Now, the Surface Pro is slowly becoming a household name everywhere. With the release of the Surface Pro 5 next year, everything will get a lot more interesting.

Many tablet users are now beginning to realise the potential of the Surface Pro especially with its top-notch specs and ultra-portability. Some even say that on release, the Surface Pro 5 will give even the next generation iPad Pro a run for its money.

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First among a long line of high performance specs for the Surface Pro 5 is the processor. Perhaps the main selling point of the the tablet is how it features even the best Intel processor commonly found on a laptop. From the measly m3 to the high-performance i7, the Surface Pro 5 is a true beast. With the release of the next generation Kaby Lake processors from Intel next year, 4K video processing will become native.

The iPad Pro, albeit powerful and efficient, still uses an ARM-based processor. In comparison with the Intel-based processor, it still has a long way to go.

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For anyone who is always on the go, storage is very important. The iPad Pro only has a maximum of 256GB of storage. To some, that might be more than enough. However, for a modern digital nomad, that barely accounts to anything. Today?s media require huge amount of memory space, especially 4K videos and images. Because of this, most users now need bigger storage capacities on their devices. The Surface Pro 5 offers as much as 1TB of storage built-in. And if that is not enough, feel free to connect an external storage to its lone USB port.

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Another major selling point of the Surface Pro 5 is its support for pen or stylus. It even comes with its own digital pen out-of-the-box. Meanwhile, even though the iPad Pro also supports pen or stylus, the hardware comes as separate. Users need to purchase their own Apple Pencil in order to make use of the feature.

Perhaps Apple ought to consider pairing its Pen with the iPad Pro as a standard package. Otherwise, most people will still get deterred by the extra cost that comes with it.

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