Surface Pro 4 Vs Surface Book: Which Microsoft Gadget Should You Get?

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Check out the comparison between the two Microsoft gadgets that are making waves in the market today.

There?s definitely a whole lot of difference when it comes to the specs and features of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the Surface book, but as the two devices are targeting the same market, which are the mobile tablet users, it might actually make sense to compare the two. The Surface Book is a hybrid of a laptop and tablet while the Surface Pro 4 is a tablet that wants to be a laptop ? we see a grey area there somewhere, so we will try to compare the two on which device is more suited for a person who is always on the go.



From the first glance, you can see the similarities of the two devices, but their differences relies on the size and weight. The Surface Pro 4 weighs in about 780 grams depending on the processor while the Surface Book is at double the weight at 1.6 kilograms if equipped with a keyboard, but it weighs in at 726 grams with it. Surface Pro 4 is slight larger than the Surface Book at 11.5 inches wide as compared with the 9.14 inches from the Surface Book. Surface Book wins this round for having a much professional look and more compact size.


Both have the i5 and i7 option with the Surface Pro 4 having the option for an Intel Core m3 processor for a cheaper alternative, however the Surface Book has the edge for having a dedicated graphics chip from Nvidia, which can handle games better than the generic integrated Intel graphics. Both can have the 8GB or 16GB option for their RAM, Surface Pro 4 can have the lesser 4GB for a cheaper option. And both have a 128GB to 1TB storage option. Surface Book wins for the graphics chip edge.



Despite both having similar specs, the Surface Pro 4 only has around nine hours of battery life, while the Surface Book can run up to twelve hours before running out. Surface Book wins again.

To close everything up, the Surface Book wins in every department, making it the much preferred gadget for laptop and tablet users. Though the Surface Pro 4 is still a good alternative, but it is more targeted to casual users.

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