Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro: Who Wins The Giant Tablet Wars?

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It?s inevitable but people will going to debate over it, so it?s time to compare Microsoft?s Surface Pro 4 against Apple?s iPad Pro.

The iPad Pro was just revealed yesterday their latest version on their iconic tablet; now called iPad Pro, the newest gadget that promises to even compete with laptops. Meanwhile, Microsoft still has not provided specific details, but some are speculating it will be running on the latest generation of Intel processor and Windows 10. So let us begin with the comparison on the two gadgets.


Screen size

The iPad Pro now boasts a large 12.9 inch screen; almost double the size of the iPad Mini, since the screen size is almost double, so does the pixel resolution, now running at 2732×2048 resolution. Meanwhile the Surface Pro 4 will have two versions; the standard 12 inch screen and the much larger 14 inch display, looks like this generation of tablets are more on the screen size.

Winner: Surface Pro 4 ? having more variety is good.

Design & Accessories

The iPad Pro may be larger, but in terms of weight, it is the same weight as the original iPad at around 1.57 pounds and its thickness is just the same as the iPad Air 2 at 6.1mm. As for the Surface Pro 4, rumors say that it will be the same dimension as with the Surface Pro 3 (at 9.1mm in thickness and 1.37 pounds in weight).

As for accessories, the iPad Pro will be introducing the Apple Pencil, a pressure-sensitive stylus that can be used for art illustrations thanks to its accuracy in graphics and responsive sensors that you can control the pressure, tilt and position on your inputs; just like a real pencil, there will also be a smart keyboard available for the iPad Pro, similar from the Surface Pro that lets you dock the tablet in a keyboard that also converts into a cover. As for the Surface Pro 4, the great news is that all of the accessories from Surface Pro 3 will be compatible and some sources say that the Surface Pro 4 will be getting new accessories as well.

Winner: iPad Pro ? Surface Pro 4 could have won but iPad Pro landed the win with the Apple Pencil



The Surface Pro 4 will be running from the Skylake Intel processor along with its Intel Iris and Iris Pro graphics, which is a 50% improvement on graphic performance from its predecessor. It will also feature4K UHD video output that can run videos in 60 frames per second and the storage size will be the same with the Surface Pro 3; a 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 500Gb variants. As for the iPad Pro, it will be running in the new A9x 64-bit chip and it was said will be almost double the performance from the previous A8x chip that was found in iPad Air 2. It will have 32GB and 128GB storage variants and will run in iOS 9.

Winner: Surface Pro 4 ? more storage means more apps and files that you can store.


Though we voted based on the written specs from the news and seeing that the Surface Pro 4 wins this match, it is still uncertain on how things will go, especially on the apps that will be available and other services that both companies can offer. But if you are used to the Apple devices, there is no need to switch brands in you are comfortable with the products.

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