Surface Pro 4 Vs iPad Pro: Microsoft Mocks Apple’s iPad By Releasing A New Surface Ad

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Microsoft?s Surface Pro 4 is one of the best 2-in-1 available in the market. Apple recently claimed that iPad Pro can be used as computer but has limitations as compared to Surface Pro 4.

Recently, Apple posted a video on YouTube claiming that iPad Pro can be used as computer. However, Microsoft has mocked Apple?s claim by posting another video showing the advantages of Surface Pro 4 over iPad Pro. Here are the details about the specs and features of both devices to justify which one is better.

First and the biggest difference is operating system. Surface Pro 4 runs Windows 10, with full features available in both tablet and PC mode. On the other hand iPad Pro runs iOS 9.3 that is Apple?s OS for mobile devices. It cannot run specific apps like Microsoft Office, that is very important in any computer.

Secondly, iPad Pro lacks USB port that is necessary in a computer. Surface lineup also offers microSD card reader, not available in iPad Pro. Moreover, Surface keyboard has trackpad that is not available in Apple?s keyboard. Thus having an attachment for keyboard does not transform a tablet into computer.

iPad Pro 2

iPad Pro

Moreover, Surface Pro 4 is superior in terms of hardware configurations as well. Surface Pro is powered by Skylake processors and offers up to 16GB RAM while iPad Pro?s Apple A9X chipset is as powerful as skylake. Moreover, iPad Pro offers maximum 4GB, far below Surface Pro 4. Microsoft?s laptop/tablet hybrid beats iPad Pro in terms of internal storage as well. Surface Pro 4 offers up to 512GB onboard storage while iPad Pro includes 256GB maximum RAM at max.

Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4

Surface Pro 4 now competes iPad Pro in case of battery backup. It can last for up to 10 hours similar to iPad Pro. Microsoft has improved the battery life of its latest device as compared to Surface Pro 3.

Although iPad Pro is a brilliant tablet but it cannot beat Surface Pro 4 when it’s about a laptop. Apple?s Idea of presenting iPad Pro as a laptop in not really a good move.

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