Surface Pro 4 Refresh Unveiling in China Today; Passes 3C Certification

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Surface Pro 4 unveiling in China today

Microsoft has been upfront with many Surface Pro fans. The company has said that there will not be a Surface Pro 5, at least for the time being. Previously, many thought that the company will drop the Surface Pro branding and move on to something slightly different, like the Surface Laptop. However, it seems like instead of a Surface Pro 5, Microsoft intends to release a refresh of the Surface Pro 4.

According to Chinese website IT Home, Microsoft has already acquired the certification from Chinese product certification agency 3C. From the said certification, it can be seen that it was issues just this month; May 11 to be exact. Unfortunately, apart from that, nothing much is revealed in the certification. However, it means that the product in question is now ready to be sold in the market.

There are rumors that Microsoft will unveil the Surface Pro 4 refresh during the upcoming event in China. The said event will be held today, May 23.

Surface Pro 4 unveiling in China today

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For consumers looking for an entirely different Surface Pro, the newest refresh does not put any aesthetic changes on the current model. However, this version of the Surface Pro 4 will now sport the latest Kaby Lake processors from Intel. Apart from that, the rest of the the specs remain the same; down to the non-existent Thunderbolt 3.0 port.

It is quite weird to learn that Microsoft has decided to refresh the Surface Pro 4 instead of updating it. For a very long time, many Surface Pro users have complained about the tablets lack of Thunderbolt 3.0 interface. This puts a lot of bottlenecking especially on external data transfers between a storage and the tablet. Furthermore, others looking forward to connect the Surface Pro 4 to an external GPU is somewhat limited by the Thunderbolt 2.0’s bandwidth.

Right now, it is still uncertain is Microsoft will release the Surface Pro 5 this year. The company’s senior vice president, Panos Panay, has already said that there is no point releasing the Surface Pro 5 without a significant technological change. He feels that the current Surface Pro can be used by anyone for as long as five years without ever requiring an upgrade. For more updates on the Surface Pro 4, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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