Surface Pro 4 Price & Features: Know Why It Might Be A Good Laptop Alternative

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Tablet computers are slick….usually have better prices than a laptop. They come with big screens and in a way, have no keyboard. But when we have to do a little more than an app from the app store, that slick tablet takes a back seat and then comes the laptop. Especially if we have been using a laptop, tablets alone are never enough.

Well, it doesn?t mean tablets are useless. They are ideal when it comes to streaming movies especially on a long weekend or at times when an internet-connected screen is needed that won?t crap out after a few hours, reported

Is it a tablet, or is it a laptop? Microsoft says it?s both. Let?s find out what it actually is.

Display & Speakers

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has a 12.3-inch display with a 2736 x 1824 resolution, which results in 267 pixels per inch. Microsoft brands it a PixelSense display, and it?s one of the best on the market.

Build & Design

The most salient of Surface Pro 4 is the left short edge that acts as a magnetic strip for the new Surface Pen with the 3.5mm audio jack on the upper portion. The top long edge now sports the power button and single piece volume rocker in front of the cooling vent, which wraps around the upper portion of the tablet. The Mini DisplayPort and full-sized USB 3.0 sit on the right side, just above the magnetic charging input that debuted with the Pro 3.

The bottom edge houses the magnetic Surface keyboard and cover connector, retaining the exact design as it did when the device line first debuted. With its fluid hinge, the nearly identical kickstand returns hiding a microSD card slot underneath that opens to about 135 degrees and prove remarkable stable just like Surface Pro 3, even when resting on a lap, as per


With a wise improvisation, the Pen supports 1,024 points of pressure sensitivity, up from the previous Pen?s 256, which itself is down from the Pro 2?s 1,024 when Microsoft was relying on Wacom tech. The new Surface Pen is longer, with about the same circumference and similar weight. Its performance seems on par with the Pro 3 Pen.

Type Cover

Microsoft seriously upgraded the Type Cover, adding Chiclet-style keys, a glass trackpad, and an option for a fingerprint sensor.

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