Surface Phone Not Happening This Year; Microsoft Looking at Windows Phone Instead

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Report claims Surface Phone may come in 2019

Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated Surface product from Microsoft is the Surface Phone. After the Surface Book and Surface Pro 5, this upcoming phone has been reported a number of times. Initially, a lot of these reports claim that the smartphone was to be released last year. Some Microsoft events have come and gone and the elusive Surface Phone is still nowhere to be found. However, it would seem that a recent report may finally shed some light on some details regarding the phone.

According to a recent Reddit post, an individual who claims to be a former Microsoft employee says that the Surface Phone may not come out this year. Instead, the post said, Microsoft is looking into either 2018 or even 2019 release. However, since the Surface Phone will not be released any time soon, the company is still planning on releasing another Windows phone.

In addition to the purported release date, the report also claimed that the rumored Surface Phone will be equipped with an ARM processor. This report has been corroborated by another German website,, saying that Microsoft is already working on the operating system for the ARM processor.

Surface phone will come either in 2018 or 2019 according to a report

Surface Phone concept (via

Fortunately, these rumours hold some truth in them. A few months ago, Microsoft announced that it is working on an ARM port for the the Windows 10 OS. The blog also showcased a fully functional Windows 10 operating system running on a Snapdragon 821 ARM processor from Qualcomm. Furthermore, the blog also mentioned that the company is currently working on bringing the operating system to Snapdragon 835 chips as well.

While this may sound exciting especially for a Windows fan, the development for ARM is still a long way from over.

At the moment, Microsoft has yet to release a full statement regarding the Surface Phone. If the reports are to be believed, consumers should not expect the phone to arrive any time soon. However, the prospect of having a Windows phone in 2017 seems like a push to the positive direction. Perhaps, while Microsoft is perfecting the Surface Phone, it can take the consumers’ minds off it for a bit.

Unfortunately, both reports did not give more details on the supposed Windows phone. Apart from the purported release date, nothing much is known about the device. For more updates on the Surface Phone, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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