Surface Book Vs MacBook Pro: Which Is Better?

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Who would win the laptop war from the two Tech Giants?

Microsoft has announced the launch of their Surface Book just recently as a direct competitor to Apple?s MacBook Pro. Though both have some similarities as some of the features of Surface Pro were inspired from the MacBook, we sit down and made a comparison between the two on whose has the edge in favor of the consumers.



We list down each of the specs of both notebooks and see which has a better one.

 MacBook Pro (i7)Surface Book (i7)
Screen13 inches13.5 inches
Resolution2560 x 16003000 x 2000
CPU3.1GHZ Intel Core i7Intel Core i7
Battery10 hours12 hours
Weight3.48 lbs3.34 lbs


Despite Microsoft not revealing the actual clock speed of the processor for their Surface Book, they have the edge in terms of screen resolution, battery life and overall weight. Though the MacBook Pro can still compete well in terms of processing power and memory. This is most likely a tie as both can run pretty well.



Both may have 13 inch screens, but the Surface Book has more of the modern look with sharper edges as compared with the MacBook Pro?s traditional curved edges. Both have keyboard backlights, glass trackpads and island-key style placements, both can provide awesome typing experience but these are still not spill resistant. Surface Book wins this round for a much modern notebook design.


Though MacBook Pro retains as just a notebook, Surface Pro makes itself unique by having three different designs, it has touchscreen functionality, you can even detach the screen and turn it into a tablet and finally you also use the Surface Pen when using the screen. So the Surface Book can turn into a laptop and a tablet yet still runs like a desktop PC powerhouse. Surface Book wins this round.

The Surface Book wins this match up, but don?t underestimate the MacBook Pro just yet, it may be a using the same design or may not have any fancy gimmicks, but if you are a Mac user and is looking for a newer laptop, the MacBook Pro won?t disappoint you. But if you want a powerful machine with functions of a smart tablet, you can opt for Surface Book.

The MacBook Pro is already available with a starting price of $1,499 while the Surface Pro will be available on October 26 and also starts at $1499.

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