Microsoft Surface Book 2 Update: Surface Book 2 to be Released Along with Surface Pro 5?

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Surface Book 2

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft unveiled a product refresh for its very own laptop brand, the Surface Book. Many guessed that it will be the Surface Book 2 but it turned out not to be the case. The company called the new updated laptop, the Surface Book i7. Mainly because, this time around, the laptop is updated with an Intel i7 Skylake processor.

To some, this might seem a bit too lazy on the part of Microsoft. What it did is simply take a year-old design and slapped on a new chip to power it. Not really what anyone can call ?ingenious?.

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Immediately after the release of the Surface Book i7, rumors about the Surface Book 2 started to circulate once more. Many now believe that Microsoft will unveil a redesigned version of the controversial laptop next year during the Surface Pro 5 event.

It is probably fitting that Microsoft reveal the Surface Book 2 with the Surface Pro 5. In fact, there probably is not a better time to do so since Intel Kaby Lake processors will be available then.

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Rumor has it that the Surface Pro 5 will feature the 7th generation Intel processor in the lineup. If Microsoft fails to include this in the new Surface Book 2, many fans will be sorely disappointed. Furthermore, it will be counterproductive on the part of Microsoft not to update the Surface Book once the new processor comes out.

Apart from the new processor, fans of the laptop also want to see a redesign of the famous ?Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge.? To them, this feature is rather unpalatable and generally ?weird?. Especially the gap that it makes when the laptop is closed.

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Another issue that they cringe about is the fact that the clipboard mode of the laptop suffers from dismal battery performance. They want to see more usage time with this mode.

If the rumors about the Surface Pro 5 release are true, consumers are probably looking at the same Spring of 2017 release date. However, until now, Microsoft has yet to make any sort of comment about the matter. Until then, all that we can do is wait.

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