Supply Chain Warns Consumers; PC to Get Pricier in 3Q 2017

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Supply chains warns PC buyers of possible price hike this year

For quite some time now, prices of electronic devices in the market are steadily increasing year-on-year. A $1,000 PC from a year ago will not be the same as today. Even though these devices tend to offer minimal upgrades each year. Unfortunately, it seems like everything is going to get much worse later in the year.

According to Digitimes, PC vendors across the globe will be implementing price hikes on majority of their products. This move is brought about by the even increasing cost of materials to make a PC or electronic device. The report also mentioned that parts like the RAM, display panel, and storage are likely to increase in cost before the end of 2017.

A number of companies have expressed their plans to increase their product pricing by the third quarter of 2017. Intel, with its upgraded Kaby Lake processor will be implementing a price hike on the said product at the same period. In addition to Intel, OEM and ODM companies like Lenovo and Asustek are also implementing the said hike.

Supply chains warns PC buyers of possible price hike this year

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This new report is however in direct contradiction to the earlier report made by the same website. According to a report last March 16, Microsoft will be introducing the new Surface Book 2 with an accompanying price reduction. While this may seem a bit weird, since Surface Books are normally priced above $1,300, Microsoft intends to sell the laptop starting at $1,000. However, since the price hike will take place in the third quarter of the year, perhaps Microsoft’s pricing will not be affected after all.

That said, it is probably best to invest on a decent PC or laptop during the middle of the year in order not to be hit by the impending price hike. At the moment, many third-party component providers have expressed the possibility of price hikes within the coming months. This too will ripple down as more and more products are released on a daily basis and the market faces shortages in components. If the global supply chain fails to meet production volumes, there is a strong chance that electronic gadgets this year will become even more expensive. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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