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Supernatural Season 12 Spoilers: Winchesters Arrive at the Hunter?s Wake

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In the Wednesday episode of Supernatural season 12, the Winchesters head to the hunter?s wake. As they got into a place where everybody knows who they are, a conflict will arise between Mary and Dean.

Spoilers for next week?s episode point to Dean and Sam being bombarded with several questions. The brothers were asked many times during the gathering about being dead, as well as being possessed by Lucifer.

It looks like tension between Dean and his mom will arise in the approaching episode of Supernatural season 12. Dean asks his mom, ?So you?ll text us once a week, maybe, but you?ll drive all the way to Canada to see some dead guy??

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Yahoo states that the problem is not Dean. The problem is not Sam either. Mary feels like she does not belong on Earth. The Winchester mom returns in Supernatural season 12 episode 6 and it was an incredibly joyous moment for Sam. Dean was happy too, but he is still having a hard time accepting the fact that their mom cannot be with them all the time.

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In episode 3, Mary opted to temporarily part ways with Dean and Sam. She mourned the family she used to have. Sam clearly understands why his mom had to arrive at her decisions.

Supernatural season 12 episode 6 had also seen the return of Grim Reaper Billie. She told Dean about the rules of the house they were trapped in. The rules include that being there is a one-way ticket. What Grim meant by that is every single person dies eventually. Dean fought his way out of death.

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The upcoming Supernatural season 12 episode will see if Mary will leave her sons again. Do you think she will? Share us what you think through the comment section below and keep checking back here for more Supernatural season 12 spoilers.

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