Supernatural Season 12 Spoilers: Sam and Dean to Visit The Flash?

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It looks like Vancouver will be having more superheroes. Sam and Dean Winchester supposedly visits The Flash to make a literal crossover.

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, the actors who play Sam and Dean Winchester were reportedly spotted on the set of The Flash recently. This means fans could most likely see some cameos in Supernatural Season 12.

In a video that Ackles posted, the Winchester brothers squatted on the The Flash set. Padalecki, who was sleeping by that time, was woken up by Ackles. The latter was munching on an energy bar, as how it appears to be, and a coffee in his other hand. These scenes made up the comedic moment despite a sign that says ?no sleeping and eating.?

Fans expressed their glee on social media after seeing the short clip. It had also started some speculations about what the onscreen brothers could be doing in Central City.

The clip has left several fans curious to learn the intent of this tweet shout out to Grant Gustin. It may only be a practical joke between The CW stars. They could be in a short distance away from each other as shoots were made. The episodes were expected to be released by fall.

Meanwhile, fans are enthralled by the idea of what ?the Men of Letters would do with a metahuman. Barry is known as such.

Nonetheless, it looks like fans will be satisfied on what they are about to see from the show. The upcoming episodes could see Sam being rescued by Dean. Mary will also appear on the reunion.

It looks like the highlight of Supernatural Season 12 is Dean?s attempt to rescue Sam. However euphoric Dean is in the resurrection of their mother, Samantha Smith?s character. Sam obtained serious wounds and was kidnapped. Fans are eagerly waiting for Dean to rescue Sam when the premiere episode of Supernatural Season 12 returns in October.

Viewers can also expect to see tension and some awkward situations. These three characters will be required to get used to the presence of one another.

Supernatural Season 12 is scheduled on October 13, 9 p.m. on The CW.

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