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Supernatural Season 12 Spoilers, Plot, Cast, Release Date

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t?s time for Supernatural Season 12 spoilers. The 12th installment of the show is coming soon and it?s time to collate everything we know about it so far and maybe speculate a little on what?s in store for us. So far, we already know when the release date of Supernatural Season 12 will be. It will be on the 13th of October on CW. The Season 12 premiere will follow the Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 premier on the same night, according to the International Business Times.

To know what would possibly happen in the Supernatural Season 12, it?s best to run through what happened in the Season 11 finale. If you can remember, the Season 11 finale was a big cliffhanger. The show started when the Winchester brothers were trying to fix the Sun and save God?s creation. This adventure ended up with some pretty interesting encounters. Dean, as he was embarking on a ?suicide mission,? became successful in fixing the bond of Amara and God. This marked the long awaited brother-sister reunion. Consequently, they healed the universe and left the fate of the earth with the Winchester brothers. Before vanishing, Amara thanked Dean and gave him back his mother, Mary Winchester.

In the bunker, Sam and Castiel figured that Dean saved the universe. They also assumed that Dean lost his life in the process. Then, one British woman showed up and used a spell to banish Castiel and confronted Sam. She called Sam a ?jumped-up hunter? meddling with things he does not understand and that he does more harm than good. The big cliffhanger in the finale starts here as there was a gunshot in the background and Dean was shown to have seen his mother in the woods.

So? What to make of this? In Sam?s case, there is a possibility that he got shot and died (boo!) or he got shot and wounded but he survived. According to International Business Times, Jared Padalecki has already signed the dotted line to appear in Supernatural Season 12. So the death of Sam is highly unlikely. He could die and be brought back to life by some twist but that?s a little too awkward at this point of the show. Another possibility is that the British woman got shot but that too could leave her story to the wayside unless her story mystery will be unmasked through flashbacks. What will happen, we don?t know exactly so we better just wait for news about Sam?s fate.

Also, Dean saw Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith), his mother, in the woods. This could mean that she could play a big role in Supernatural Season 12. In a report by Game & Guide, Micha Collins (playing Castiel) had a slip that they are hiring a particular person for Supernatural Season 12. He did not reveal who it was but if there is any connection to this with the reappearance of Mary Winchester, that hire could be Samantha Smith.

Like all rumors and speculations, these things are neither denied nor confirmed as of yet. So stay tuned for more Supernatural Season 12 spoilers and updates.

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