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Supernatural Season 12 Spoilers: Dean and Sam to Learn about Mary?s Secret

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Nothing could stop Supernatural Season 12 from returning. When the hit series comes back, fans would know if Mary Winchester has a huge secret. Perhaps this secret will soon be revealed. Dean and Sam could learn what they have to know about their newly resurrected mother?s history. It looks like what they know now is not the whole thing. It could also be inaccurate.

Showrunner Andrew Dabb recently teased fans with some words about what will happen in Supernatural Season 12. Dabb exclaimed that the story had implied that when Mary married John and settled down, she stopped hunting. The showrunner provided a huge hint when he said that avid viewers will find out that it could not be the whole story.

This had led us to assume that Mary did not really stop hunting. She could be hiding something, but she won?t be able to conceal it any longer as his sons are about to discover a secret about her eventually.

Mama Winchester will be haunted by her blistering demise, as well as the ?the ripple effects? of her death. It looks like it is going to be difficult for her to process things that are bound to happen.

This could lead Sam to put the blame on his dad for all the hunting stuff. However, avid viewers know in their heart that it is actually Mary?s fault. Mary was the hunter. The Campbell family has always been the hunter. It is not the Winchester family that caused the problem, and it truly was not the fault of Sam?s dad.

Although it is not completely Mary?s fault that she and her family was a hunter, it was their lineage that led the characters to where they are now.

Before Mary?s secret will be revealed, the elder Winchester remains to be in the dark about the whereabouts of his little brother. Dean is going to figure out where his brother is and what could have happened to him. And then there could be a direct shout-out to Liam Neeson?s well-known ?I will find you? line from the movie franchise. Or perhaps it could turn out to be like the movie, Taken.

Supernatural Season 12 is set to come back on October 13 this year. For more updates, keep on following TheBitBag!

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