Supernatural Season 12 Premiere Spoilers: Dean, Cas and Mary Rescue Sam; Lucifer?s End Happening Soon?

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Supernatural season 12 will finally be back in just a few weeks. It looks like the upcoming season is going to be jam-packed.

The first episode of the upcoming season has Dean, Cas and Mary trying to rescue Sam. The latter was kidnapped by the British Men of Letters. During their rescue mission, Mary will prove that the skills she had acquired as an ace hunter could be a great help. Supernatural Season 12 premiere will also feature Lady Toni?s vengeance against the Winchesters.

Avid viewers also anticipate the reunion of Sam and Mary. Actors Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Samantha Smith are all set to make a comeback to reprise their roles, along with other returning cast members.

The reunions between the main characters will most likely be the highlight of the next season. Supernatural season 12 will also focus on Misha Collins?s character, Castiel. Supernatural season 12 spoilers suggest that Cas is going to work with Crowley. Avid viewers are aware that Crowley is the king of hell.

Cas and Cowley Team Up to Defeat Lucifer

Cas will have to work with Mark Sheppard?s character for one purpose. That is, to defeat Lucifer. How the two collaborate to take Rick Springfield?s character down would be an interesting plot to follow in Supernatural season 12.

As early as now, many fans would agree that Cas and Crowley could make a great team against Lucifer. Avid viewers are aware that both of them have personal grudges against the devil. It can be recalled in the previous episodes of Supernatural that Lucifer used Cas. Cas did not like the fact the he was used by him. He is definitely ready for revenge.

As for Crowley, he was seriously humiliated by Lucifer. The latter took his throne and Crowley is expected to do whatever it takes to have his thrown back. Cas and Cowley are determined to ensure that the fallen angel gets what he deserves. Could it finally be the end of Lucifer? Viewer will find out when Supernatural Season 12 airs on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW.

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