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Supernatural Season 12 Episode 8 Recap: Lucifer Kills Vince?s Band, Reveals His Plan In A Monologue

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The latest Supernatural Season 12 Episode 8 recap shows Lucifer as a rock star. It?s the most suitable personality for him to embrace so he can pursue his evil plans. Rock stars are being worshipped by fans like gods and Lucifer is definitely enjoying the attention. He enjoys being in Vince?s shoes. ?

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 8 Recap

Castiel, Crowley, Dean, and Sam chase the enemy as he travels to Los Angeles. Vince was set to work with his former record company for a reunion with his band called Ladyheart. Good thing Crowley has connections in the town.

Crowley?s contacts gave them a place to start looking. Dean does not seem too interested about exploring LA. Nevertheless, viewers enjoy the team up of all these four characters.

Those who have seen the previous Supernatural episode would have enjoyed the characters? humorous jabs at each other. It seemed they are actually good at working together. Viewers may have been surprised by how well Cass and Crowley can work as a team.

The Big Event

The venue for Vince?s concert has been kept a secret until the last moment. Castiel, Crowley, Dean, and Sam did not have any luck in finding it. So, they were not able to prevent the concert from actually happening.

Eventually, the group found their way to the big event. The heroes were able to save the day as they evacuated the crowd before Lucifer was able to accomplish his evil plans completely. It felt that the night was still a loss though. Lucifer managed to murder all of Ladyheart.

Lucifer?s Plan Revealed

Cas and Crowley tried to fight the enemy but Lucifer is just too strong. The latter takes the stage and delivers a monologue. He shared his motives, as well as the reason behind his rage.

It was revealed what Lucifer?s real plan is. His plan is not to have a plan. He is angry because his dad abandoned him. Lucifer kills humans to express his anger towards God.

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