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Supernatural Season 12 Episode 7 Spoilers: Dean Offers Mary to the Reaper, Lucifer Plans a Mass Slaughter

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Mary could be saying goodbye to her sons in Supernatural Season 12 Episode 7. She feels that Earth is not the place where she belongs. It was never her intention to go down from Heaven in the first place.

Supernatural viewers can recall that Dean used his gift from The Darkness to resurrect his mom from the dead. This time, it seems she will be forced to part ways with Dean and Sam.

Rumor has it that Dean will offer Mary to Billie the Reaper. The reason he does is to save Sam and the rest of the hunters. It sounds like a truly heartbreaking event in Supernatural Season 12 Episode 7. But it seems it is going to be that way.

In Supernatural Season 12 Episode 7, Mary tells her sons that she is not moving into the bunker. She wanted to have lunch with them. The particular scene lead several viewers to speculate that Mary will have to leave her sons soon.

Lucifer?s Plans

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 7 spoilers reveal the next evil plans of Lucifer. The villain decides that he will need a stage and a crowd to fulfil his plans. Lucifer disguises himself as the rock star Vince Vincente and it is a clear advantage for him to kill. As a rock star, he will be able to do whatever he wants.

Castiel and Crowley team up to chase after Lucifer. It will be interesting to see if the two will be able to stop the rock star from performing. Can Castiel and Crowley stop Lucifer and his evil plans?

Reports claim that it is Sam and Dean who will be able to prevent the mass slaughter. Supernatural Season 12 Episode 7 is titled Rock Never Dies. It is slated to air on Thursday, December 1, 2016, at 9:00PM ET on The CW. Tune in ?at TheBitbag ?for more Supernatural updates and spoilers.

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