Supermoon 2016: How To Best Capture The Supermoon With DSLR & Mobile Phone

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Supermoon 2016

The year is filled with a lot of surprises and life-turning events and may not be as bad as people think. Just a month ago, we?ve experienced the Orionid Meteor Shower which is arguably one of the most beautiful meteor showers seen only every 75 years. This time, it?s the Supermoon 2016.

Supermoon 2016: The Closest One

Tonight, it will the closest full moon of the year. This year?s Supermoon is the closest to us in almost 69 years. In fact, it is not likely to happen for another 18 years.

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According to NASA, the closest approach will occur at 4:21 MT. In this case, that?s when the moon comes within 221,523 miles. That?s from the center of the Moon to the center of the Earth. Meanwhile, the Full moon will occur at 6:52 MT.

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As NASA strongly suggests, people should step outside and soak in the view. However, we?ve rounded up a few steps in order to land a great shot at the Supermoon 2016. After all, you?d wait for another 18 years before another one appears.

Supermoon 2016

Supermoon 2016: Shutter Speed & Autofocus

It?s important to adjust the brightness of the camera using IMO or Manual Mode. People can also use the Exposure Compensation dial. Furthermore, it is advisable to select a shutter speed which is numerically the same or higher than the lens? length.

In this case, > 1/400 sec for a focal length of 400mm or > 1/200 sec for 200mm. This way, it would help avoid any movement exaggerated made by the longer lens.

With Telephoto lenses, people would sometimes have to compromise which parts of their scenes to have in focus. In this case, choosing an object that?s pretty far away but huge would give the best chance of having a sharp focus across the whole scene.

While it?s preferable to focus manually, the Supermoon 2016 is bright enough and large enough to for the camera?s autofocus. Furthermore, you don?t have to be a professional photographer to get a good shot.

Supermoon 2016

Mobile Phones

People who are using iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 would definitely get pretty decent photos. iPhone 6 has an 8MP camera coupled with a fast f/2.2 lens. iPhone 5 on the other hand, would slightly differ from the iPhone 6 given that it has a slower f/2.4 lens.

In order to take a good shot at the Supermoon 2016, users should control how much the light the camera utilizes. Hence, there should be no flash in order to maximize the shutter speed while keeping the ISO relatively low.

Furthermore, VSCO and other similar apps would help you get a clearer shot of the Supermoon 2016. It will control the shutter speed and aperture settings automatically. However, practice is also a must.

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