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SUPERHOT VR HTC Vive Release Teased By Dev, No Longer Oculus Rift Exclusive

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SUPERHOT Gameplay [Image courtesy of official SUPERHOT site]

Those with an HTC Vive have a new game to look forward to as the developers behind SUPERHOT has just teased a port for the Vive. SUPERHOT VR was previously announced as an Oculus Rift exclusive, but this recent tease by developer team Superhot finally puts an end to the issue.

The Superhot team shared a GIF bearing the HTC Vive logo on Twitter with a hashtag saying “soon”. This is sure to ease up the hate the game has gotten on Steam following its Oculus Rift exclusivity announcement.

Last year, the Superhot team hinted that SUPERHOT might only be a timed exclusive on the Rift. “We’ll circle back to other platforms shortly after the initial release,” the team posted on Reddit. “We’ll see what’s the demand for that, but given that we’re not the most likely bunch of gamedevs to compromise on design quality, I’d be surprised if we make a version with a gamepad instead of hand tracking controllers.”


SUPERHOT VR was released on the Oculus Rift back in December 2016. It’s a separate purchase from the vanilla SUPERHOT game which released in February 2016. The VR version was well received by critics as the game managed to feel comfortable to play while retaining its stylish experience. The non-VR version currently holds an overall rating of 82 on Open Critic.

SUPERHOT is an indie-made first-person shooter game where “time moves only when you move.” The game’s unique mechanics helped breathe fresh air in the FPS genre. Due to a variety of stylish ways players can finish each short levels, it became a popular game for those who want to show off their skills on social media.

The game’s minimalist art-style also helps the game stick out from most titles. Aside from looking unique, its art-style also helps players to efficiently play the game as bullets, weapons, and foes can easily be discerned.

A release date for the SUPERHOT VR HTC Vive version has yet to be announced, but if it is indeed coming out soon, we can expect the game later this year. For more gaming news, keep it right here on The BitBag.

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