SUPERHOT PS4 Release Slated For Mid-July

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Source: SUPERHOT VR – PSVR Accolades Trailer | E3 2017 video

The slow-mo tactical first-person shooter, SUPERHOT, is expected to be released on the PS4 this July. The developers have optimized the game not only for its PS4 port but for PlayStation VR as well. The wait is just short for this upcoming game.

SUPERHOT producer Tom Kaczmarczyk revealed on the PlayStation Blog last June 15 that the game will arrive “few weeks” after their announcement. “They’ll be available across all continents, fully adapted for the platform, meticulously tweaked for PlayStation controllers and fancifully bundled as one big package of Superhot goodness — or as separate digital downloads if you’d rather take this mind-bending and time-twisting experience one angry red crystal figure at a time.” said Kaczmarczyk in the post.

Even though Kaczmarczyk didn’t drop any exact release dates on his post, SUPERHOT’s page on the PlayStation site lists a July 17 release. Aside from this listing, there’s no official announcement from the developer regarding its launch.

SUPERHOT VR will also be available on the same date. Kaczmarczyk confirmed that they’ve remade SUPERHOT for its VR port to improve its quality. They decided not to follow direct porting of non-VR games to this new platform as many AAA developers did with their game. “What we found out at the very beginning of our VR works (way back in the wild west VR days of 2014/2015) was that just plopping a non-VR game into VR is the worst design compromise ever. The gameplay needs to be designed from scratch, the level architecture needs to be built specifically for VR… even the menus and basic interactions in the game are just stupidly clunky unless you figure them out with VR and VR alone in mind,” Kaczmarzyk comments about VR game design.

As seen on its Steam site, SUPERHOT has won many awards. Its gameplay features a tactical approach to battle as time only moves when you make a move. Fans of stylish action movies and video games would love this game. Stay updated with more SUPERHOT news here on The BitBag.

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