Supergirl Series: How the Move from CBS to CW Might Affect the Show

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Could this be the end of Cat Grant?

When the first season of Supergirl was aired under CBS, the show, which focused on building Kara Danvers? character (played by Melissa Benoist), enjoyed record high ratings. However, as the season went on, the ratings declined steadily, and CBS did not confirm whether or not they will renew the show.

According to Screen Rant, after the success of the crossover of CW?s The Flash, where Barry Allen (Gant Gustin), ended up in Kara?s National City by running over his limit through a multiverse, many fans had warmed up to the idea and had hoped for more shared screentime between the super heroes, including the Green Arrow, Scarlet Speedster and time-traveling crew of the Waverider on Legends of Tomorrow.

By the conclusion of Supergirl?s 1st season, it was announced that Supergirl was to head off to CW for Season 2. Which means that by joining her fellow CW superheroes, crossover episodes will be more possible. It also means plenty of changes with the behind the scenes, because production will be moving from Los Angeles to Vancouver, where CW superhero shows are produced. There might be a change in the look and feel to National City, because scenes will be shot in the Canadian city, rather than the California hub of Hollywood.

What about Miss Grant?

Perhaps the most noticeable change would be the possible reduction (or possibly deletion) of scenes with?Cat Grant, played by Calista Flockhart. When members of the press asked CW president Mark Pedowitz about Flockhart?s involvement in the series, he was unable to confirm whether or not the actress would be able to continue with the show. He did say that they would be ?happy to have her in whatever capacity is worked out.?

However, the recent casting of Cougar Town?s Ian Gomez as Snapper Carr, new editor-in-chief of CatCo Magazine, might be an indication of a new boss for Kara and a farewell to Cat Grant. It would be very sad to not have Miss Grant in the series, if ever. She is after all, pivotal to Kara?s and Supergirl?s growth as a person and as a superhero.

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