Supergirl Season Spoilers; Episode 6 ?Changing? Features The Guardian Saving Supergirl

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Supergirl Season 2 Episode 6

Are you ready for a Supergirl and The Guardian tandem? Well, Supergirl season 2 episode 6 has just the thing for its viewers.

The Guardian’s First Supergirl Appearance

Fans can expect the first appearance of The Guardian on the upcoming episode of the 2nd Season of Supergirl?just in time to save the day! ?

In episode 6 of the action-drama series entitled ?Changing,? a parasite alien is set to devour Supergirl’s ?(Melissa Benoit) powers; hence, The Guardian gets into the scene to rescue our favorite girl protagonist. Jimmy (Mehcad Brooks) is said to be finally embracing his alternate persona (The Guardian), and will be giving assistance to Kara just as the parasite takes away her powers. ?

But Kara and Jimmy shippers shouldn?t expect much from the tandem. Kara and Jimmy?s relationship will probably be closer to ?just friends? as the former focuses on his vigilante role. ?

But then again, we?ll never know what the writers have in mind.

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And on the softer side…

On the other hand, Mon-El, played by Chris Wood, will consider taking a new career path; just to realize that he has made a wrong decision. Fans also shouldn?t expect much from his relationship with Kara, as it still seems uncertain; but we?re all hoping they actually get together.

Supergirl Season 2 Episode 6

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Talking about Alex, Supergirl’s executive producer said that their team is taking it slow about the journey of Alex?s character. However, fans may expect something huge for her character. ?

Even more, in the upcoming episode of Supergirl season 2, Alex will finally realize that she?s attracted to girls; particularly to Maggie. Episode 6 will be featuring Alex?s struggles with things that are going through her head.

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