?Supergirl? Season 1 Spoilers: Kara Turns To Villain Next Episode

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Good girl gone bad.

A big turnaround of events is set to happen on the next episode of ?Supergirl? Season 1.

What should you expect? Well, what will you do when the girl you consider a heroine turns out to be a monster?

That is exactly the twist that episode 16 promises their viewers.

According to Ecumenical News, the superhero drama series will focus its forthcoming episode on Kara Zor-El turning into a villain in the show. This after a promotional video shows strange actions from the Kryptonian lady.

The next show, titled ?Falling,? will feature how Kara tripped a man to the ground aside from smashing walls. Even his sister Alex finds her actions unusual and disturbing. So what happened to Kara?

Reports revealed that Kara will be exposed to ?red kryptonite? that can modify behaviour, which in turn makes her malicious and unsafe to be with.

According to the DC Comics database as posted in the article, the red kryptonite that has affected Supergirl will have a two-day effect. And as long as she is being influenced under this, she will do anything she wants, regardless of how bad is and its consequences. So, expect some troubles ahead on the next episode.

The teaser revealed that the heroine will be figured in different incidents, including hurting hapless Cat Grant by throwing her out of a building. Surprisingly, she just stared at the woman falling without having any remorse.

Aside from a fashion shift, Kara will also be in trouble against the National City police officers. As shown in the promo material, police will try to shoot her, to which the heroine appears to be enjoying as she gets chased by harmless bullets.

Meanwhile, Cat will be appearing on The Talk, so she might talk about the ?evil? that has struck the heroine of the show.

Are you excited to see how this goody good girl turns to be a monster?

Watch “Supergirl” season 1 episode 16 “Falling” on Monday, at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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