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Super Smash Bros Mod: All Confirmed Pokemon Sun And Moon Characters

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Mods are always a good type of icebreaker in games. It can let the players indulge in a different, sometimes funny or awesome method of gameplay and aesthetics. Super Smash Bros mods for Wii U is no exception to this.

Super Smash Bros mod creators have something special in store for their players. This involves the latest game, Pokemon Sun and Moon. These include two Alolan Pokemon and a character from the same game.

These ideas for the mods are the brainchild of the two modders named Scorpob and anivernage. Thanks to them we can enjoy the feel of playing Pokemon Sun and Moon right in the comforts or our Nintendo Wii U console.

The well known modder Scorpob specializes in doing mods for Smash Bros. His most recent project, as shown on his Twitter page, is the Pokemon character Wicke.

Wicke is the assistant branch chief of Aether Paradise in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Wicke’s mod is rigged into Peach, one of the famous characters of the Super Mario franchise.

Scorpob has added several designs and outfits for Wicke. The modder also plans to add even more upgrades in the near future. He is also enhancing the character’s skills and attacks for the players to enjoy. You can further view his mod details here.

On the other hand, the two Pokemon mod idea came from modder anivernage. Those Pokemon are none other than Solgaleo and Nulana which are also from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

The game will feature them as mids for Duck hunt. This is the first mod that anivernage did for the Super Smash game.

The mod will include features such as character battle portraits, metal model, character result portrait and many more. You can check out the complete details of the mod here.

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Now players can have all the more reason to enjoy the game with the new Super Smash Bros mod.  The game now has allowed us to play two games at one time. Gamers definitely managed to hit two birds with one stone thanks to these awesome mods.

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