Super Saiyan Rose Joins Dragon Ball Super, A Transformation Worth Seeing

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There?s a really interesting sight to see in Dragon Ball Super. One Saiyan could be seen with his new look with an all-new hair color. The popular anime series recently hinted about a transformation as a Super Saiyan Rose was introduced to fans. Of course, it is no surprise that we are all excited to learn more about this new look and it seems to belong to Black Goku.

Hardcore Dragon Ball fans loved Black Goku?s transformation. He has a new aura now. His look is more on the reddish-purple range. It is easy to tell that his new hair color is a breath of fresh air from all other Super Saiyan levels. Their hair colors are usually blond, blue and white.

The teaser did some explaining about Super Saiyan Rose?s coloring and what it actually implies. Now what fans are really looking forward to see is if Black Goku will obtain a speegeta and Blue Goku. At least, he could have some sort of advantage that comes with his new look, a specific power which could somehow make him more powerful than Blue Vegeta.

Fans are also waiting to witness a rematch between Black Goku and the two other Saiyans. Next week, we are surely going to enjoy their fights.

Episode 55 showed Vegeta hitting Black Goku. The latter hardly flinched at the overpowered attack. The past episode has also seen Vegeta in his Super Saiyan Blue form. It was actually tough for him to beat his opponent.

And although the majority of fans think that the new look is actually a great sight to see, it comes as a surprise that Black Goku transforms in the blink of an eye.

Since we have seen Black Goku?s new look and transformation into the Super Saiyan Rose state in episode 56?s preview, avid fans just can?t hide their excitement to see more of him. Speculations arose that Black Goku?s new state may be the result of his past fights with Goku.

While we are all waiting for the next episodes, we can expect a huge fight to happen when Dragon Ball Super comes back next week.

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