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Super Retro Boy Plays All Game Boy Titles; Releases This August

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Super Retro Boy
Super Retro Boy

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition was a huge hit. It first came out back in November last year and has been sold out everywhere since. Till today, many consumers are still desperately trying to get their hands on the Nintendo Classic Edition.

With such great success of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition, it’s clear to see that people are still in love with Nintendo’s nostalgia. And it seems that Nintendo has picked this up and decided to push out another great follow up to the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. This time, Nintendo is bringing back the Game Boy.

Game Boy

The Game Boy was commercial success and had gone into retirement  for more than a decade now. The newest nostalgia-console that Nintendo is planning to push onto production lines is called the Super Retro Boy.

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Nintendo has clarified that although the Super Retro Boy looks very similar to the Game Boy, it is not Game Boy, so don’t expect any new Game Boy titles this 2016. However, the Super Retro Boy uses the same concept as the Nintendo NES Classic edition and makes it a whole lot better.

The Super Retro Boy is essentially an all in one Game Boy emulator. Unlike the NES Classic Edition, the Super Retro Boy will be able to play all Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance titles ever made. That’s a large library of retro games from three generations of Gameboy handhelds.

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The Super Retro Boy is fitted with a 2500 mAH rechargeable battery that will be able to manage 10 hours of gameplay for the device. It will also feature TFT HD display that is highly shatter and scratch proof. The Super Retro Boy is priced at a modest $80 and is set to hit North America some time in August this year.

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