Super Nintendo World Rides To Hit Theme Parks Come 2020!

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Super Nintendo World
Super Nintendo World

For those who thought they could only enjoy Super Mario and Friends at home or on the go, think again. Universal announced the launch of a Super Nintendo World at the Universal Studios in Japan by 2020. This is just in time for the Olympic Games set in Tokyo. The attraction will have rides, interactive zones and lots of shops that are based on Nintendo’s characters including Mario and Donkey Kong.

The good news is that Nintendo and Universal have already formed a collaboration to do similar projects for the theme parks in Hollywood and Orlando. However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet as to when these attractions will open.

Super Nintendo World Economic Benefits

Furthermore, Universal Studios in Japan said the development cost for the Nintendo attraction is expected to reach as high as $434 million. It is worth every penny though, because they said this addition will generate 1.1 million jobs in Japan. It would also bring over $100 billion dollars in economic benefit within 10 years after opening.

Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo is working with Universal Creative president Mark Woodbury on the parks? design. Miyamoto was also the one who helped create Nintendo’s signature franchises including the Super Mario Bros. This is part of the company’s effort to diversify its revenue options outside its enduring video game hardware. Nintendo is expected to launch its first smartphone game this week. It’s called Super Mario Run. It’s for iOS devices, this after years of struggling to be at par with its competitors in the mobile market per USA Today.

At present, Nintendo has sold over 13 million Wii U console globally. This is rather small by comparison to Sony’s PlayStation 4 which earned 50 million in sales. This despite being released one year after Wii U.

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Back in October, Nintendo launched the Switch. It’s a tablet-like device which users attach to a dock connected to their TV. The design allows players to play the games at home or on the go. For more of Super Nintendo World news and latest tidbits, keep it here on TheBitBag. Hit us with your feedback in the comments below.

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