Super Meat Boy Game Update: Super Meat Boy 2 In The Works!

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Just like in the actual video game, Meat Boy has no signs of giving up as talks of a possible sequel is slowly becoming a reality.

Game Informer has an episode in their podcast where they ask Team Meat about the update on Super Meat Boy Forever?s progress, Team Meat?s McMillen and Tommy Refenes explained that they were inspired to create a sequel and possibility of having the original game available to other platforms after brainstorming for great concepts for Super Meat Boy Forever.

McMillen cited, ?What we talked about was possibly working on a sequel, and it’s something that I like a lot. There were aspects of Forever that were moves that Meat Boy did…that we were prototyping that felt like they could be better used in a sequel. The future of Meat Boy is definitely up in the air, but a sequel is something that I wouldn’t be opposed to doing even though we both said that we wouldn’t do it.”

It was a big news coming out from Team Boy after they revealed almost five years ago that they are not interested in creating a sequel. Some reason include they felt that they did the game right and creating a sequel in over-using the same cast might just do more harm than good.

For those who are not familiar with Super Meat Boy, it?s an indie game that original appeared as a flash game in 2008 called Meat Boy. It was then launched an updated version called Super Meat Boy which was headed to the Xbox 360 for its Xbox Live Arcade in October 2010, followed by a PC release in the following month. Created by Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, Super Meat Boy became a hit, selling over 140,000 copies at the end of 2010 and reaching more than a million copies sold by January of 2012. A PlayStation 4 and Vita is already scheduled to release in Fall of 2015.

Though it may not be the official confirmation that Team Meat will begin development for Super Meat Boy 2, it?s a good indication that the creators are motivated to create one while they are still finishing the mobile game port of the original.

But you can expect to see Super Meat Boy Forever and their other game Mewgenics are the release of Super Meat Boy for the PS4 and Vita

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