Super Mario World: Glitch Discovered After 23 Years

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If you think that after 23 years, society has mined Super Mario World all of its secrets, you?re definitely mistaken. A Youtuber, A+Start and his buddy Masterjun3 have detailed an obscure glitch that provides players a Latiku cloud in Super Mario World?s second level that can be used to breeze through the stage in record time.

Since the glitch can be done by anyone with the original cartridge, this tactic has been considered as a speedrunning technique and is now being used by speedrunners to set new world records.

You can activate the glitch by doing the steps below.

  • From the world map, select Yoshi?s Island 1-2.
  • As a small Mario, go to the block at the level?s starting point and grab Yoshi.
  • Quickly jump next to the bushes right beside the red shell, then at the peak first bush, spit fire.
  • You will come across a green shell, eat it and hold onto it.
  • Jump over the ledges and stop before the fourth ledge. You should keep your speed up during this.
  • Press Down and Y to place the green shell on the fourth ledge?s edge.
  • Immediately press left so ?that the fireball you spat earlier is going to hit the shell to produce a coin.
  • Hit X, A and right altogether at the exact time to make Yoshi swallow the coin.
  • During this action, push the R button to pan the camera to the right.
  • Then you? done! The Latiku cloud will pop up in your item box as a glitched sprite.

You?re probably wondering why is this happening, right?? Well, you see, when Mario picks up a coin while Yoshi is in the middle of eating, a null sprite will be produced in Yoshi?s tongue. And for some unknown reason, panning the camera to the right results in filling this sprite with a Charging Chuck.
Basically, eating Charging Chucks is impossible, but it works under these unusual circumstances and the action of eating them is somewhat linked to obtaining a power-up. We?re not sure why this is happening exactly, as it is a detail that is supposed to be not possible, but our world is full of mysteries that we can only hope to comprehend.

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