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Super Mario Run: How to Unlock Luigi, Peach and Yoshi

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Super Mario Run is now playable on iOS devices and fans are understandably in the lookout for tips and hacks. The game has been a huge hit since its release. Its success is proof that Mario has never lost his charm.

But Mario isn?t the only character that stars in the Super Mario Run. Players can also bond with Luigi, Peach and Yoshi. You can initially play as Mario, but you can also go for these characters as long as you?re able to unlock them.

So how can you play as Luigi, Peach and Yoshi? You don?t have to fret as we got you covered through this guide.

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How to Unlock Luigi

For players who wish to play as Mario’s brother, all you need to do is to try one of the extra game modes. Then you should proceed to the Mushroom Kingdom. From there you can buy a special building called “Luigi’s House.”

You can specifically purchase Luigi’s House at the Mushroom Kingdom Shop. However, you need to collect 150 Green Toads and 150 Purple Toads in Toad Rally first before you can make the purchase. As soon as you?re able to secure his home, Luigi will become available to use across all modes.

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How to Unlock Peach

Female players of Super Mario Run would surely love to be Princess Peach. You can simply unlock this character by finishing the World Tour mode. Our princess has been abducted in the aforementioned mode. So players need to save her from Bowser. Once you manage to rescue Peach, you unlock the character from then on. She has a floaty jump so you better go get her.

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How to Unlock Yoshi

Unlocking Yoshi is almost the same as unlocking Luigi. You can find Yoshi’s House in the Mushroom Kingdom Shop too. You can purchase his home after collecting 30 Red Toads and 30 Yellow Toads in the Toad Rally.

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