Super Mario Run Toad Rally Tips: Strengths And Weaknesses Of Each Character

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Apart from running, collecting coins, and completing stages, there is more to do in Super Mario Run. Collecting characters can also be done in this addictive app. Here is a short Super Mario Run Toad Rally guide?to help you along your way.

In Super Mario Run, you can collect a total of six playable characters, for now. These include Mario, his brother Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Toad and Toadette. In this guide, we will tackle their basic abilities and strengths.


Since Mario will be the first character you will be playing, his abilities are basically leveled. This makes him usable in any situation and any stage. His speed is average, and he can take a total of two hits from enemies. Since he will be the first controllable character, players will be able to familiarize with the red plumber with ease.


He is, by far, the best character in the game. As compared to his brother, Luigi can jump higher and run faster. Considering his height, he can have an extra boost in his combos. Luigi is best used for stages such as ?Toad Rally? and any sky or airship-themed level. So if you want more coin bonuses and extra points, Luigi is the man for the job.

Princess Peach

This pretty little princess is best used for sky or airship stages. With the help of her ?Float” skill, she can easily get more combos and pass through difficult areas in a breeze. Second to Luigi, Princess Peach dominates the air with her float skill. She might not be the fastest, but she makes up for it with her specialty.


The lovable green dino is back and he is just as clever as ever. With his ?flutter jump” he can manage to create more combos and collect hard-to-reach coins. This also gives him the longest jump among all of the characters. Yoshi is also immune to spikes, which makes him a perfect character to use for desert-themed stages or any stage with a considerable amount of Pokey enemies.


Toad is the fastest of all the characters. He is best used for relays and can win with ease, except when he goes up against a fellow Toad. His fast pace will help you get coins faster and beat the stages with record time. He is best used in Plains stages where there are solid and straight grounds.


Toadette is similar to Mario when it comes to the character’s statistics and abilities. The only difference is that she has one HP. Also, she can get some toads to be on her side after a Toad Rally match.

She can be used in the first parts of the game and ghost stages as well. She can also flip a lot of toads which can give you a +40 points advantage.

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This completes our Super Mario Run? Toad Rally guide on the playable characters. Stay tuned to The BitBag for more tips. We also hope that Nintendo and the DeNA team will give us more characters in the near future.

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