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Super Mario Run Release Time Countdown For US, UK, And Australia: When You Can Start Playing On Iphone And iPad

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Nintendo fans everywhere swooned when it was announced that the Super Mario Run release would happen this year. Even more swooning happened when the company announced that the mobile game would be available later today on iOS devices. While a time for the release date wasn’t immediately apparent, the fact that it will be available later today is great news.

A tweet from Dr. Serkan Toto of Kantan games confirmed that it would come to the West on December 15, so mobile fans should play the waiting game. “Nintendo says in the US press release that Super Mario Run comes out ‘on Dec. 15 in United States time zones’. In the JP one, they say PST,” Toto said. “I really think it rather means anytime during the 24 hours PST that day,” he added.

Either way, fans should keep the app store on watch and maybe even refresh it a few times. Mobile gamers have wanted a Mario game on their smartphones for a long time, so they should be able to wait a few hours.

What Is Super Mario Run?

For those that haven’t been keeping up with the Super Mario Run release, it is exactly what the title says. Like a number of other mobile games, Mario runs automatically while the player must time his jumps. While hardly a groundbreaking game, this type of experience is perfect for mobile players, so there won’t be too many complaints.

Players can download the demo for free, but the actual game is US$9.99, which they can purchase as an add-on purchase in the app. This might sound like a steep price for a mobile title, but there are no in-app purchases. Fans of the Italian plumber should probably wait for a review or two before considering picking it up. If it’s half as fun as a regular Super Mario game, it will be worth the money.

The Wait Is Almost Over

As fans wait for the Super Mario Run release on the Apple App Store, they are likely relieved that the wait is almost over. With a free demo in hand, players can try that out and see if the game is going to be worth paying for. A constant Internet connection will be needed to play the game, as the company is a bit worried about piracy.

Super Mario Run should be available by the end of the day. Fans of auto running platformers should like the game, though it’s hardly an original concept. Then again, Mario did make platforming cool.

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