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Super Mario Run Purple Coins Locations Guide: Collect All To Get Special Items And Other Rewards

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Collecting all of the purple coins in Super Mario Run is a big deal. Aside from your original quest in rescuing Princess Peach, you should add this coin collecting to your ?to do? list. Believe us, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor once you?ve completed them all.

First of all, collecting purple coins in Super Mario Run will give you special rewards. One of these is the special item that you can purchase, the Purple Coin Pipe. Secret levels can also be unlocked with the use of these coins.

World 1-1 Purple Coins Location

Purple coin number 1 can be located after the first Goomba. It is located above a green pipe. Using the Goomba as an added jump boost will allow you to get the purple prize.

Purple coin number ?2 can be found in the first Pause Block in the latter part of the stage. You can see a total of five blocks above Mario. These will have three blocks with a question mark symbol on them. Have Mario bounce on the solid blocks onto the question mark blocks to get the purple coin.

After this, you need to choose the lower areas of the stage. Purple coin no. 3 can be found down a pit which, if not properly crossed, might lead to Mario?s death. Run?forward then slide down the wall to get the coin. The ?ding? sound of the coin is your signal to jump immediately.

Purple coin ?number 4 can be found at the next Pause Block that you will encounter. Make sure that you jump up and land on it. The location of the coin is?on a question mark block that is high up in the air.

You can get it by either jumping on the question block and letting Mario grab it. Or you can try to jump high enough to get it. Either one of these methods will work.

Purple coin number ?5 can be found after you pass the next set of Goombas. Jump on the highest platform that has two Goombas on it. Hit the block with Mario?s head and the purple coin will appear.

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This ends the World 1-1 purple coins guide for Super Mario Run. Several stages that has purple coins for players to discover are still available. We hope that this guide gives you a few tips and hints as to where the other coins may be hiding.

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