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Super Mario Run Update: Players Quit Game In Less Than A Week, Find Out Why

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Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

Nintendo?s flagship mobile game Super Mario Run was an astounding overnight success. Super Mario Run was able to earn a whopping $14 million within the first three days after it?s initial launch on just iOS. Many hailed the new mobile game as the next big thing and many sites believed that Super Mario Run had the potential to dethrone Pokemon GO very soon.

But surprisingly, gamers are already quitting Super Mario Run in just less than a week after playing the game. Read on to learn why Super Mario Run?s hype train had been prematurely derailed much earlier than anyone had ever anticipated.

Cash Grab

App Annie reported that Super Mario Run was the top most downloaded iOS application in 138 countries last December 17. However, it?s that number has now gone down to 69 countries last December 24 until?December 25.

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Super Mario Run has great gameplay, a roster of classic Super Mario characters, and it?s free. So what?s causing the sudden drop in number? ?Well, it appears people in general don?t agree with the game?s pay-wall designed into the game.

Pay Wall

Super Mario Run is initially free to play. However that all stops after players progress beyond the third level. Afterwards, players would need to pay $9.99 in order to unlock all the other levels.

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Needless to say that this was a pretty bad pay scheme decision because it cuts players off from the rest of the game too early. Three levels is not a lot of content. Most players can finish three levels worth of content in less than a week while others can do it in just one playthrough.

As for the $9.99, many players are not willing to pay for this simply because it’s a price range that?s just much higher that most mobile games. The majority of mobile games in the market are totally free to play and monetization primarily comes from extra content in the game. Super Mario Run has basically given players free test marketed as a free game before locking the majority of the game?s real content behind a big pay-wall.

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